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Your Online Business Card Creator

Have You Ever Been at a Networking Meeting, Family Gathering, or just out Shopping, when someone asks you…..”What do You Do for a Living?”  This is an easy way to answer that question…

This is the Easiest Way to Show People What You Do

  • When people ask what you do just show them your online business card.
  • You can create an online business card in just minutes. It can be viewed on your page on, a site I designed and host. Alternatively, it can show on a page on a site you now have if you or someone has website skills.
  • Even if you already have a website with an About page on it, THIS is a great way to impress future clients or anybody that wants to know more about what you do.
  • This is a great way to show your future prospects what you do.

What do many people do with your business card…..

File it or throw it in the trash.

I can also create print and web resumes, LinkedIn resumes and resume profiles, and general LinkedIn profiles with a different set of questions. Visit

Sample online business card on a large screen

David Cisneros is a successful internet marketer. Visit his site to pick up great tips for your own marketing needs.

Sample online business card on a mobile device

Online Business Card Features

  • Cross Platform Display

    Displays on MAC’s, PC’s, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Social Media

    Add Social Media Icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, and more…

  • Your Services

    Add up to 12 Services that you offer.

  • Testimonials

    Add Testimonials for more credibility.

  • About You Information

    Add all of your About information for easy contact.

  • Tap To Call

    Add Your Tap to Call and Tap to Email Buttons for easy mobile contacting.

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It’s only $47 to create your personal online business card that will display on all devices after uploading. It’s done by following simple video instructions, answering some questions, and adding your information. You can stop and save as you go, and  finish at a later time. You may want to add photos and other images. Testimonials, too.

The $47 will get you a link to the Create Your Business Card page. Watch the video (click on it to enlarge) and follow the instructions. You can stop, save, and resume at a later time. This might be because you want to find a photo to insert, or think about text to enter.

The set of files you can download at the end can be posted online if you have some skills. Most people will want me to do it. You will have a link such as (or whatever you prefer).

Better yet would be,, or $15/year for the domain.

It will be $69 to set it up, and $9/month for hosting and support / changes. An SSL certificate is included ($100/year value).
This shows that your business card website is secure. Very important. You can cancel at any time.

Start with Create Your Online Business Card – $47

My related websites:  to create LinkedIn resumes/profiles for job seekers and also for print/online resumes. to create LinkedIn profiles for people who want to network rather than find a new job. for great niche flyers (business and events). I create business cards and postcards, too.

Other services include websites, videos, wifi marketing, Facebook advertising, Google My Business listing,
directory listings, and much more, all very reasonably priced. Call me.

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